An attractive and comfortable yet unique and original living environment for 1,000 inhabitants.

The River Valley of Sipoo

The River Valley of Sipoo

Welcome to the River Valley of Sipoo! The River Valley of Sipoo, a brand new residential area, rises to the east of Nikkilä, the centre of Sipoo. The new residential area is named after its location in the valley of the Sipoo River.

Nikkilä, Sipoo’s largest regional population centre and the hub of municipal and educational services, is within easy reach of the larger cities of Helsinki, Porvoo and Kerava. The Kerava to Porvoo regional road and the connecting road to Helsinki offer good and swift connections to Helsinki, Porvoo and Kerava located at a distance of 30 km, 25 km and 10 km, respectively.

The new residential area is connected to the Nikkilä Centre via Nikkiläntie that runs through the area, and Uudensillantie (Kuninkaantie) to the south and Laaksosuontie extension to the north of the area. The distance from the River Valley of Sipoo residential area to Nikkilä Centre—where Iso Kylätie and Nikkiläntie intersect—is approximately half a kilometre.

Together, the Nikkilä Centre and the River Valley of Sipoo residential area create an attractive and comfortable yet unique and original living environment providing townhouses and commercial and municipal services to the area’s estimated 1,000 inhabitants.

Our objective is to create an environment which encourages inhabitants to move about on foot, by bicycle, and by using the public transportation network while offering safe and inspirational surroundings for a mixed-age population. The development plans include the land area along the Sipoo River, which will be included in the Nikkilä parks network. Eco efficiency has been the leading principle in the design of structural and functional solutions that enhance the development of a community spirit and local identity.

Along the central road, Jokilaaksontie, there will be a mix of residential and commercial buildings. The land area along the Sipoo River will be turned into a versatile park and recreational outdoor area complementing the current park network.

The heart of the River Valley of Sipoo will be around the roundabout where Nikkiläntie and the new collecting road intersect and the market square located at the end of the park surrounding the administrative building of the former hospital area. Residential and commercial buildings will be located along the perimeter of the market square.


To the south, the area is bordered by Kuninkaantie, or King’s Road, dating back to the 1340s and 1350s. Kuninkaantie (King’s Road) is an old post route running from Bergen, Norway, via Oslo and Stockholm to Mariehamn in Åland and then through the archipelago to Turku from where it runs through southern Finland and makes its way through Viaborg, Russia, all the way to St. Petersburg.

The Nikkilä hospital is located on a rolling hill rising above corn fields to the east of the Nikkilä population centre, by the eastern banks of the Sipoo River. Construction in the area occurred over several phases during the 20th century, starting with the mental institution established at the beginning of the century and owned by the City of Helsinki. However, despite its various developmental phases and the contemporary trends, the area is a consistent entity. At the beginning of the 21st century, the former hospital area was transformed into the Eastern River Park residential area.

Outdoor recreational areas are just around the corner!

The River Valley of Sipoo offers a wide variety of parks and other recreational areas for outdoor activities. The land area along the Sipoo River to the north of Nikkiläntie is a designated park area. With its network of bicycle and pedestrian paths, this riverside park area will form an essential part of Nikkilä’s park network, complementing the Nikkilä Central Park (Keskuspuisto) and the banks of the Ollbäcken River. Segrispuisto Park with its playground is located to the south of Nikkiläntie. Located to the east is the forest of Degerberget, and to the southeast of the Eastern River Park residential area the forest of Rux, both of which are popular recreational grounds for the inhabitants of Nikkilä. The jogging path that runs in the forest is lit.

Nikkilä’s indoor skating rink and sports ground are located approximately one kilometre south of the River Valley of Sipoo. Additional sports grounds are located by the Nikkilä Centre of Education and on the southern border of the Eastern River Park residential area. The very popular indoor sports arena houses a municipally maintained gym, although there is a privately managed gym on Iso Kylätie also.

Nikkilä – A Residential Area with Cultural Attractions

Cultural development will contribute to Nikkilä’s reputation as an effervescent residential area. We are aiming for a consistent entity comprising art, parks, forests, and architecture from different eras. An additional aim is to make visible the rich history and aesthetic values of the area, and the related experiences. We further wish to encourage the inhabitants to take action and join efforts in building Nikkilä into a blooming residential area. One practical aspect of cultural design is an art project established to promote public works of art. Several works of art have been designed for the River Valley of Sipoo residential area.



Nikkilä’s bus and taxi service station is located on Iso Kylätie, approximately half a kilometre from the River Valley of Sipoo residential area. Bus services operate routes to Helsinki, Porvoo, Pornainen, Södekulla and Kerava. During rush hour, buses run every 15 to 20 minutes to Helsinki.

New housing area

Outdoor recreational areas are just around the corner! Watch the video

Lots zoned for residential building are available

Several lots zoned for residential building are currently available. In addition to residential areas, there are two lots available to accommodate commercial services.

For more information on the available lots, please contact Manager of Land Survey and Real Estate, Mr. Pekka Söyrilä,, tel. 09 2353 6731.

The construction of the first homes

Avainasunnot is currently building rental and right-of-occupancy housing in the River Valley of Sipoo. Explore Avainasunnot’s offering.

The gallery access building Asunto Oy Sipoon Jokilaakson Helmi will be completed in the spring of 2018, and its apartments are currently being sold by Master Kodit Oy.